The Lafond Files





I discovered the work of a little known hermit living on the far-off fringes of society a year ago. When you hear his tale, you will see how quick it was that we became friends. 

James Lafond is a man who left a six figure job in his late twenties in order to live in the crime-ridden hood of Baltimore, Maryland…

He did this so he could live on a rent overhead of $197 a month, paying for it by working the night re-stocking crew in a Ghetto Grocery Store…

Why would a guy with a six figure job call it quits to do such a thing?

Because James Lafond only wanted to do three things:

  • Fight
  • Write 
  • Read

That’s right…James Lafond has written and published hundreds of books on Military History, Historical Fiction, Literary Analysis, Memoir, Boxing Coaching Manuals, Situational Awareness, and much, much more!

But that’s not all. He’s one of the top stick fighters in the world, and one of the world’s leading boxing coaches in one of the most dangerous cities in America today–he doesn’t just know the history of the warriors. He lives it!

And when he’s not in the gym testing his mettle and passing the torch to the next generation, he’s in the library, studying the history of the Western Warriors of Old and their  Literary Chroniclers throughout the eons.

Yes, James Lafond is truly a one of a kind. At first glance, he seems pretty rough-hewn…a man so politically incorrect, he makes Rush Limbaugh look like Barack Hussein Obama!

 But don’t let his rough veneer and tough talk fool you! He’s one of the nicest, most honest, straight-shooting guys you’ll ever meet–a product of his tough life and tough conditioning. They say the Strong Men are truly Kind Men, and James proves that rule down to a T. 

 He’s a man who loves all people of all colors and creeds, believing that all men and women have inherent dignity, and should be able to defend it as such. He lives by a code of basic human decency that used to be common, but these days is as rare as gold!

When I bought some of James’ books on Amazon, I knew I had to get a hold of the guy, and talk to him. Luckily for me, that’s his schtick! 

His deal is that readers write into his website,, and he writes back with a response. Kind of like a man’s man Dear Abby!

So that’s what I did, and indeed, James wrote back! Such was the beginning of a blossoming friendship…two men with strange interests so divergent that they don’t seem to make sense to the common mind’s eye. But look closer between the lines, and you’ll find the common core of eternal life questions on Manhood, Combat, and the Human Condition. 

With that, I give you “The Lafond Files”…a regularly-updated compilation of all of the correspondence between Richard Barrett and James Lafond!

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