Terror Regimes Killing American Soldiers With History Books!

The Pieces Are Fitting Together…

If you’ve read “How One Academic Became Saudi Arabia’s WMD”, then you know that…

  • Academics called “New Historicists” don’t believe in human nature.
  • They’ve dominated Humanities Departments since the 1980s.
  • Believe Basic Morality and Common Decency are tools of oppression.
  • Instead they believe…
  • Western Civilization is the Root of All Problems.
  • Instead they believe…
  • Everything else is a “Natural Utopia.”
  • This idea caused real-world problems when…
  • Edward W. Said took this view to the Middle East, called it “Post-Orientalism.”
  • The record shows that…
  • No historical evidence backs up his claims…
  • In fact, the historical evidence refutes it!
  • If Academics teach Post-Orientalsim, Terror Regimes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Muslim Brotherhood-backed CAIR will give them money.

It’s a cocktail of catastrophe.

Let’s take a look at how this perfect storm has played out in real time…


Has Cost

Hundreds of Thousands Of

American and Arab Lives.

Post-Orientalism screwed over Americans and Arabs after the 2003 liberation of Iraq.

Martin Kramer was warning us that this would happen the year before in 2002…

“One could end a critique of Middle Eastern studies in America right here [the problems of Post-Orientalism]…If the Middle East had lost its importance to the United States, one could leave it at that…

“But the Middle East continues to preoccupy Americans…

“Indeed, it is one of the few parts of the world where the United States could find itself even more deeply involved over the next two decades…” (Kramer 132-133).

The next year in 2003, Americans overthrew the terror regime of Saddam Hussein.

After the victory, America had to re-create the state society and civil services of the biggest and most diverse country in the Middle East.

The Department of Defense was scared phobic by the Post-Orientalists and their allies in the State Department to “look like occupiers” in Iraq.

This led the Department of Defense to adopt the Light Footprint Strategy.

Our generals were concerned about the lawlessness and chaos that terrorists were bringing to the streets of Iraq…

Iraq was becoming lawless because our military had disbanded the entire Iraqi Army and Police Force–the only security force to standing between peace and terror…

Our generals were confused…

…They thought the Iraqi people would be happy because we disbanded these forces that had been instruments of terror in the Saddam Regime…

…But instead…

…They created a power vacuum that left the streets unsafe and open to terrorists from Al Qaeda!

Our generals said…“This has never happened before! What do we do!”

When you have a problem you’ve never seen before, you go to “The Experts.”

Who were our Middle East experts?

The Post-Orientalist Academics.

So our academic “experts” tell our troops…

“If we just give aid indiscriminately to different Iraqi democratic factions, and keep our military presence off the streets, we’ll have no problem. It will resolve itself into the Utopia it once was…

If you watched the news from 2003-2007, then you know how that story ended.

Post-Orientalists’ Plan

Gave Money To The Terrorists

And Stopped American Soldiers

From Protecting 

Innocent Iraqi People.

The Post-Orientalist bill of goods sold to us by the “Academic Experts” made us the sugar daddy of every bloodthirsty sectarian faction in the name of democracy…

And their “Light Footprint Strategy” of keeping our troops off the streets gave Al Qaeda the vacuum it needed to get going in Iraq and create ISIS…

Lucky for Iraq, U.S. Generals David Petraeus and James “Mad Dog” Mattis created a plan called COIN that was actually based in human nature…

COIN…Known in the Media as “The Surge”…stopped giving money to bloodthirsty factions, and put our troops on the street to make friends with the Iraqi people…and help the Iraqis hunt down terrorists themselves!

From 2007-2011, this program cleaned up Iraq, and everybody except the Post-Orientalists were happy.

But former President Barack Obama bought the advice of the Post-Orientalists when he came into office, and in 2011 went back to the old fund terrorists and keep the people defenseless…

Both Republican and Democrat

White Houses

Bought Post-Orientalism Lies,

Killing Hundreds of Thousands

Of Innocent People.

What a mess!

Bottom line…

  • New Historicism and Cultural Criticism is ignorant at the most basic level.
  • It keeps us blind by telling us there are no patterns in life because there is no Human Nature.
  • It cooks up crazy ideas like Post-Orientalism that only empower the bad guys and hurt good people.

Want to beat these Academic Losers for good…

…And FIND A CODE WE ALL ALREADY LIVE BY without thinking about it?

Then read our next article…

“The Big Truth”

Sources Cited

Martin, Kramer S. Ivory Towers Built on Sand: The Failure of American Middle East Studies. Washington, D.C.: Washington Center for Near East Policy, 2002.

Boot, Max. Invisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare From Ancient Times to the Present. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2013.

West, Bing. The Strongest Tribe: War, Politics, and the Endgame in Iraq. New York: Random House, 2008.

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