Narrative Propaganda Checklist: Part 2

If you’ve read “Narrative Propaganda Checklist: Part 1” then you know that:

  • Mind at drew upon the pioneering work of Ralph Donald in his book Hollywood Enlists! Propaganda Films of World War II.
  • All Narrative Propaganda portrayals are based on Nietzsche’s Master and Slave Morality.
  • Good Guy Masters represent The Big 4…they’re the toughest, smartest, most disciplined, and most just.
  • Bad Guy Slaves represent The Sad 4…they’re the weakest, dumbest, laziest, and most egotistically vindictive.
  • Because the Bad Guy Slaves are big time losers, they become sneaky, liars, and thieves to vindictively destroy the Good Guy Masters.
  • The Good Guy Masters are good because of their Belief Systems.
  • The Bad Guy Slaves are bad because of their Belief Systems.
  • Both sides are personified by their Leader Figures who embody these traits. 

These facts above are the first 3 categories of our 6-Point Narrative Propaganda Checklist.

What are the other 3 categories?

Read on below to find out!

Category 4:

Bad Guy Evil

Read Below!

  • The Bad Guys vindictiveness makes evil barbarians–they hurt the little guy to get their kicks…women, children, elderly.
  • The Bad Guys only go after the weak and defenseless because they are big time losers. They can’t stand up to real opponent, so they shoot fish in a barrel. 
  • The Bad Guys commit these atrocities because their vindictive Belief System is evil. It makes them big time losers, justifies their failures, and justifies their atrocities. 
  • Because the Bad Guys Belief System is evil, they hate the Good Guys for their Belief System that is good. They cannot coexist together.
  • This love of evil and hate of good makes the Bad Guys traitors to common human decency.

Category 5:

Bad Guy’s Started It

Read Below!

  • The Bad Guys started the trouble…not the Good Guys!
  • Bad Guys’ have been planning enslavement and extermination for years and years.
  • If Bad Guys do bad things to other people far way, they’ll do them to Good Guys at home. 
  • Good Guys have got to restore Justice and make the Bad Guys pay for their crimes. 
  • Good Guys can’t stand by and let Bad Guys do these horrible things: if Good Guys don’t stop Bad Guys, nobody will.

Category 6:

Good Guys Turn The Tables

Read Below!

  • The Bad Guys threaten Good Guys’ Free Values, Just Institutions, Free Land, and Decent Way of Life.
  • The Bad Guys threaten the innocent loved ones of the Good Guys
  • The Good Guys are going to turn the tables on the Bad Guys and threaten their Totalitarian Institutions, Evil Values, Enslaved Land, and Barbaric Way of Life!
  • Turning the tables is the only way to make the Bad Guys quit.
  • By turning the tables, the Good Guys are liberating those enslaved by the Bad Guys from ignorance and brainwashing…so they can be free, and no longer a danger to themselves, their neighbors, and the world. 

The Big Picture

There you have it…the final 3 categories in our 6-Point Narrative Propaganda Series. They are:

  • Category 1: The Good Guys
  • Category 2: The Bad Guys
  • Category 3: Bad Guy Danger
  • Category 4: Bad Guy Evil
  • Category 5: Bad Guys’ Started It
  • Category 6: Good Guys Turn the Tables

Remember…these 6 Points are how the human brain processes information That means they can be used for good or evil, truth or lies.

The Nazis used them to brainwash the German people to conquer Europe and commit the Holocaust. The United States and Great Britain used them to inspire their people to liberate Europe and halt the Holocaust.

As the pioneer of Narrative Propaganda Edward L. Bernays quoted in his landmark book, Propaganda:

“Truth is mighty and must prevail, and if any body of men believe that they have discovered a valuable truth, it is not merely their privilege but their duty to disseminate that truth…Propaganda becomes vicious and reprehensive only when its authors consciously and deliberately disseminate what they know to be lies, or when they aim at effects which they know to be prejudicial to the common good” (Bernays 22).

The Bottom Line

For any Propaganda Narrative to be effective, the group or institution have got to line their claims up with all 6 points on our cheat sheet.

That’s why we fit the claims of any political group or institution…good or bad…onto our checklist.

Once we’ve mapped out their claims, we then give them the once-over…to see if they hold water to the facts.

Every institution uses “a spoken or written account of connected events; a story” that is “propagating a doctrine or system” in 6 points. But that alone doesn’t tell you if it’s true or not.

The facts do.

So if the facts behind a group’s Propaganda Narrative are true, they’re probably a group of good good guys. If the facts aren’t true, they’re probably bad.

Stay tuned…as we cover all of your:

  • Favorite Political Talking Points…
  • Favorite Policy Platform…
  • Favorite Historical Episodes…

And run them through our 6 Point Narrative Propaganda Checklist!

Sources Cited

Bernays, Edward L. Propaganda. 1928.

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