Can A Marketing Guru Teach Us Why We Are Losing The War On Terror?

Russel Brunson is the marketing guru that is responsible for the rise of household names like Robert Kiroysaki, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson. In his book, Expert Secrets, Brunson explains that:

 “The longer I work in this business, the more I realize how everything comes down to one thing–belief…[And] The first step to creating belief is figuring out the ONE THING you have to get someone to believe that will knock down all their other objections, make them irrelevant, or disappear altogether.”[1]  

He calls this one thing, “The Big Domino”.[2]

In the book, Brunson explains how one of his mentors, Perry Belcher, “analyzed all the different offers his companies had created and sold over the past 10 years.” Brunson relates that Belcher: 

“Discovered that the more things they asked someone to believe in their sales pitch, the worse the offer converted. In fact, he figured out that if they tried to make more than ONE point or ask someone to focus on more than ONE thing in a sales message, conversion rates dropped by half! He then said, ‘Look at how many things a prospect has to believe in order to buy what you’re selling. If it’s more than one, you need to rework your sales presentation.”[3]

This is a concept the Islamists understand very well…because they are handing our behinds to us when it comes to selling their version of events. 


The Islamists have convinced us that the West’s support of Israel is the one  “Big Domino” we need to push to make all of our problems overseas disappear. Ditch our support for Israel, they say, and we’ve pushed the Domino. Then all our troubles will evaporate.

No more bombings. No more knifings. No more shootings.

No more terror.

The Islamists have convinced us that we can win by no other means. They have run us out of Iraq, they have run us out of Afghanistan. They have convinced us that we cannot beat an enemy “we cannot see” that “doesn’t wear a uniform” and “blends in with the population.” They have convinced us that they hold all the cards. As such, they have convinced us they will dictate the terms.

Why should we care?

Because this view pushed by the Islamists used to only be believed by the Left. Now, it’s believed by ever-increasing amounts of the Right.


Islamists have convinced many on the Right that even if we could beat them, why would we even want to? 

The refrain of the Islamists is that they are merely peaceful Arab Nationalists, no different than Donald Trump. They love tradition and family and hate George Soros and the Left.


Oh, those are just those ISIS whack-jobs and the slain Osama bin Laden. They are on the fringe.

Such is the story Islamists would have us believe. 

Why did guys on the Right end up buying this tale?


“All politics is local,” former Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill explained. And his insight is the key to understanding how the Islamists convinced the Right to buy their “Big Domino”.

Young guys on the Right today, particularly those who are Millennials and Generation Z,  are being crushed under the weight of Soros and the Left’s iron boot heel. 

They’re getting the PC garbage of “Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia” shoved down their throats everyday, everywhere. From school, to work, to video games, to comics, to movies, to TV shows…there’s no escape. 

These are guys who are day-in-and-day-out are being emasculated, taught that if they only played nice and played fair, rejecting their aggressive “toxic masculinity”, that the world would reward them by responding in kind. 

But instead, they have found that by rejecting their aggressive “toxic masculinity”, as they were taught to do from birth, they have opened themselves up to never-ending psychological torture and slavish social servitude.

“All politics is local,” and this is the daily, up close and personal, political reality these men face every day. Assad’s torture chambers, the Muslim Brotherhood’s machinations, and Hezbollah’s rockets are an entire world away. 


Mohammad Ali famously said, “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong. No Viet Cong ever called me N*****.”[3] Such is the feeling felt by many young guys on the Right. 

Assad has never accused them of being uniquely evil because they are the same color as their ancestors who enslaved their fellow man in distant centuries past. 

The Muslim Brotherhood has never accused them of “eye rape” because they thought a woman looked sexually attractive, or “misogyny” for holding a door open for a lady.  

And Hezbollah has never accused them of “homophobia” for being sexually attracted to women in the first place!

So when the Islamists like Assad, Erdogan, the Ayatollah, Qatar, Hezbollah, Hamas and the PLO paint themselves as  Donald Trump-esque Nationalists who hates George Soros and the Left, and love tradition and family, guys on the Right throw up their hands and say: “Finally! Somebody gets it! They get me!” 

These guys on the Right love the Islamists, because they see them as guys who share their views, but more importantly, have the guts to do what they dream: stand up for themselves and their values against a spiteful and hate-filled world that oppresses them at every turn.


Such is the legend that the Islamists have sold. 

They have sold it to the Left in decades past until it has become canon in their political ideology. 

And now they have sold it to young men of the Right. 

But the sad truth is, these benign Arab “Nationalists”, who claim to be exotic versions of Donald Trump standing up for tradition and family, are really the bait to hook these young truth-seeking men onto the line of the Sorosian Left.

They are convinced that by pushing this Big Domino, they will be escaping the fate they fear most.

But in reality, they are only hastening their own nightmare demise.


[1] Brunson, Russel. Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook To Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World. Nashville, TN: James Morgan Publishing, 2017. Pgs. 83, 86.

[2] Ibid. Pgs. 85-90.

[3] Ibid. Pg. 86.

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