Meet Our Newest Author, Read His Debut Piece!

Editor’s Note

I’d like for you to give a warm welcome to our newest author, Samuel Johnson. He’s our Political Contributor, and he’s got one wild resume! Let him tell you himself: 


“My name’s Samuel S. Johnson. I’m a 24 year old Sophmore majoring in political science & government at Regent University.

“I was homeschooled all my life, have run my own successful logging business in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and was elected to a local public office in Dickinson County, Michigan in 2016.

“On top of that, I’ve served as manager for a State Senate campaign in Michigan’s 38th Senate district!

“I’m so excited to be here, and can’t wait to share what I’ve learned through hard experience about winning your debate and getting Conservative policies enacted in Government. 

“Libertas Tua,

“Samuel S. Johnson”

With that, we give you Mr. Johnson’s first piece…”America: The New Bastogne!” 

Take it away, Big Sam!

“America: The New Bastogne!”

Come on, we all know it’s here again…

…The lights, the camera, but no action…

…The media circus; the endless ads touting how so-and-so will be a flashier placeholder than the other guy (or gal)…

…The smoke and mirrors; the phone calls, door knocks, and endless pieces of junk mail…

Yes, it’s another election year.

After all the facts, figures, and fake news have settled, you very likely will, if you are like the majority of American voters, wait until the last possible minute, then drag yourself out and vote…

Without any accurate idea of whom or what you are voting for…

Without enthusiasm…

Without excitement…

And that’s if you even vote at all.

See, voter turnout is the biggest problem in today’s American democracy. Why is it that so few people turn out to vote? Why is it that 52% voter turnout is considered great?

The biggest battles for the future of our country are being fought at ballot boxes all over this nation…

And nearly half the troops are loitering in the rear.

We need some of the spirit of the 101st airborne…

We need some of the spirit of the 3rd army.

We need to win this new Battle of the Bulge…

And we need to defend this new Bastogne.

The Power Of The Voter

American government is supposed to be run by the people.

That’s why the Constitution’s first line begins, “We, the People of the United States…

It’s because the Constitution serves as the People’s will, YOUR will.

But today, people don’t see the government as doing their will.

They see their “representatives” giving the farm away to liberal activists, big corporations, and the United Nations.

They see the news media being dishonest and putting so much “spin” on everything, they don’t know what to believe anymore.

And they come home from work, dead tired, too anxious about where the money is coming from or how to get the kids to their soccer, ballet, and the school play and somehow have time for supper, to worry about the direction of the country.

And above all, they see politicians as being somehow a “breed apart”; like only a certain elite can possibly participate in politics.

That’s not true.

Anyone…anyone…can participate in politics. Like this author, a homeschooled logger from a tiny backwoods town in the UP of Michigan. Like a dairy farmer from another such backwoods town. Like a log trucker from yet another.

This author serves as an elected official in local government, the dairy farmer served three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives and is now running for the state Senate, and the trucker served three terms in the state House, two in the state Senate, and ran for Congress in 2016.

Despite appearances, and despite what the fake “news” media says, our Constitution works. The fate of this country is still up to the people.

But the people need to stand up if they want anything to change.

The Old Bastogne

It’s cold. It’s winter. It’s December 22, 1944, Bastogne, Belgium. The Nazis have the place surrounded.

It’s defended only by the 101st Airborne, under General Tony McAuliffe.

The Americans have 11,000 men, at most; the Germans have over 54,000.

The Nazi commander sends a message to General McAuliffe, demanding that the Americans surrender.

McAuliffe knows Patton and his 3rd army is on the way to help the 101st out of this…

He has no idea how soon.

He doesn’t even know where they are.

He also knows he has practically no chance of defeating the fascists on his own.

But Tony McAuliffe and the 101st aren’t licked yet.

Like a true American, he’s determined to hold his post.

His reply to Mr. Luttwitz is famous in military history…

It reads “To the German Commander: NUTS! The American Commander.”  

The Nazis attack; the Americans take heavy losses, but hold the fort; Patton arrives just in time. The Germans are beaten back, and the Battle of the Bulge is won. Hitler’s Third Reich will never rise again.

All because one American, with more loyal Americans at his back, made the choice to stand firm against impossible odds.

The New Bastogne

It’s November 6, 2018. Vast forces of liberal ideology are assembled against us, the people of the United States.

They want our freedom, our guns, our kids, and our minds.

They think they’re going to pull off a “blue wave”, to wash us off our feet and take America out from under us.

They think they have us surrounded.

Trump has been President for 2 years; history says the other side should have a good chance at getting theirs this time around.

Liberals hate Trump; they hate conservatives; they hate America.

They want us to surrender.

Who’s going to say “NUTS” this time?

Where are the Tony McAuliffes of this generation; where’s the 101st airborne now?

See, the people still have the power. We have the ability to make our voices heard, and make Washington howl!

But if we’re going to do that, we need to stand up and lead.

And vote.

“What Can I Do?”

That question is easy to answer. You can vote. You can speak, and write, and think. You can even run for office.

No, I don’t mean everybody should run for Congress, or for President. I do mean we need more real Americans running for local government offices, for school boards, for state legislatures.

Running for office isn’t complicated.

It’s not hard to get in; if you can fill out a tax form, you can fill out an Affidavit of Identity.

If you have $100, you can pay the filer’s fee for most local races; or, if you have at least 3 friends willing to sign your nominating petition, you can get on the ballot.

If you can carry on a conversation with your neighbor, you can run for public office.

I know; I did.

Running for office is only part of the solution. Talk to your friends. Write to your local newspaper. Attend local government meetings to find out what the problems are and what you can do to help solve them.

And above all, get out and VOTE!!!

Get others to vote, too. Get people to register to vote. Show them why it’s so important that they vote. Let them know that voting is not a useless exercise, and that it matters and makes a difference.

Together, we can win this fight.

It’s as simple as looking the fascists in the face and saying “NUTS!

Editor’s Note

We hope you enjoyed this piece from our latest Electoral Contributor, Samuel Johnson.

If you did, you’re in luck…he’s a regular now around here, and that means…

He’ll be back soon!


Richard Barrett

Chief Editor, Mind at


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