Death Wish vs. The American Way!

Editor’s Note

If you enjoyed Samuel Johnson’s premier piece, America: The New Bastogne!, then you’re in luck…the “Logger for Liberty” is back, and he’s better than ever.

If you’ve never read Samuel Johnson’s work, you’re in for a real treat…this guy’s love of country is only matched by his knowledge of history.

But you’ll find out soon enough when you read his latest piece below…

“Death Wish Vs. The American Way!”

By Samuel Johnson

We’ ve seen this before.

A sweeping, powerful, evil, monstrous ideology that believes in the elimination of all things but itself; that wishes to have everyone bow to its supremacy or be smashed into the dust of oblivion.

We’ve seen these ideologies go smashing, killing, and burning with seeming impunity; overriding all opposition…

Especially the truth.

We’ve seen the same ideologies eventually opposed by the forces of truth and right, rallied after the stunning one-two punches dealt by the monster.

And we’ve seen these ideologies defeated, smashed, ground themselves into the dust they had destined others to become.

Yes, we’ve seen Fascism and Communism.

We’ve seen the utopian ideals they’ve promised, but failed to deliver.

We’ve seen the titanic struggles they’ve waged for universal supremacy.

We’ve seen the death, cruelty, and devastation they’ve worked along the way.

And we’ve seen the shambles they’ve left behind.

The ideological Left in America seems split on which direction to go;

Should they take the Fascist route, or the Communist?

What most people don’t seem to remember, is that the official name of the former Soviet Union was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; and that the official name of the German Nazi party was the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

Fascism and Communism therefore differ by little more than the spelling.

But people don’t remember that anymore.

They don’t seem to remember the history, let alone the fate, of Socialism, the single most devastating philosophy in world history; they don’t see the need to avoid it like the plague.

They want to embrace it, wholeheartedly. Bring it securely into the “mainstream” of American political thought. Use it to tear away at American freedom, independence, and the values that have made our nation great, and are making her great again.

Those who fail to learn from history…are doomed to repeat it!

The Liberal Dilemma 

There is a great divide right now between different factions of the American political Left; between the two wings of the great Democratic Party dragon.

There are the so-called “Mainstream” Democrats, and there are the “Progressive” Democrats…guys like Bernie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Abdul El-Sayed, who unashamedly call themselves socialists.

What most people don’t realize is that these two wings of the Democratic party are simply trying to get to the same goal of socializing America by two different methods.

The “Mainstreamers” are trying to do it stealthily, like a big cat sneaking up on its prey.

The “Progressives” are trying to bring socialism in with a bang and a flourish of trumpets, like a pack of coyotes on the trail of a deer.

But either way, the prey is doomed…

Unless it realizes its danger…

And fights back.

The Left has a Death Wish, on multiple levels.

For itself, it seeks to align with the single most destructive and lethal philosophy the world has ever seen…Marxism, the root of socialism.

For others, it promotes abortion and assisted suicide, and supports gun regulations, similar to those in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany…the kind of regulations that only succeed in disarming those who follow the law and let the murderers run rampant.

I’m thinking of you, Chicago, D.C., Baltimore, and Boston!

More people have been killed by Leftist ideology in world history than any other. The Left is a culture of Death.

And the Left wishes for Death to be promoted, expanded, and defended.

I call that a Death Wish.

“Clean Up, Polish Up, & Rise Up”

I wrote in my last article about the need for average Americans to stand up, vote, and run for office.

It’s really about not becoming the sincere dupes the Germans were back in the 1930s.

The German people themselves elected Hitler.

That’s right…Hitler didn’t seize or usurp power; he was given power by the German people. They decided to elect a Socialist to solve their country’s problems.

We need to make sure that NEVER happens here.

We need to do more than vote; we need to talk to our neighbors about these things. We need to remind them of the lessons of history.

We need to expose the culture of Death on the Left, and provide an alternative culture of Life.

We need to stop being so negative about a lot of things; rather than saying that this country is going in such a bad direction and never saying anything else, we need to show people where we want the country to go.

When I ran for office in 2016, our local government was run 100% by liberal Democrats.

Now, we have a 3 to 5 Republican majority. I’m one of them.

In a campaign that cost inside of $25, (not counting the cost of shoes and gas), I merely knocked on every door in my township, and talked to people.

I told them what I envisioned for the township; making it a better place, stabilizing our budget without raising taxes, modernizing our website to make the township more inviting, and abide by the law in all cases.

That’s what’s popular.

Clean up, polish up, and rise up. That’s good government. That’s the American Way.

And it works. That’s why people want it.

So, when you are over at your friend’s or neighbor’s place for a barbecue, and the talk turns to politics, don’t shut up…

Tell them.

Tell them about the Socialist racket that has killed nearly three hundred million people in less than 100 years.

Tell them that Hitler and Stalin were both socialists.

Tell them that socialism ranks as the most dangerous philosophy of all time.

And then, tell them what we can do better.

Tell them that we can rise above socialism. We can learn a lesson from 1930s Germany; DON’T VOTE FOR A SOCIALIST!

Vote for someone who stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, rather than just the pursuit of happiness; because without the first two, the last is impossible.

We can protect the unborn. We can protect our great and time-honored American institutions. We can protect life.

In 1960, death-dealing socialist king Nikita Khrushchev warned the United States: “We will bury you!”

But this time, the Socialists are the ones who’ll be buried…the American Way…not with bullets and shovels and death like the left does…

We’ll bury them with ballots!

Together, we can sweep their ideology away under a sea of votes, and kick their sick ideas out of the hearts and minds of the American people…with the truth.

All you gotta do is clean up, polish up, and rise up.

It’s the American Way.

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