The Truth About Human Nature: Part 2

If you’ve read, “The Truth About Human Nature: Part 1”, then you know that:

  • All the bad advice Millennials got came from Hegelian Philosophy
  • Hegel believed that there was no human nature
  • Psychologist Jonathan Haidt and friends proved their is a human nature
  • But Hegel believed with no human nature, you could achieve utopia
  • Hegel called his robotic utopia “The Final End”
  • Postmodern Academics sold these ideas at the end of the Cold War
  • Western Civilization bought these lies, and they shape our world today

All the bad advice Millennials got growing up came from the Postmodernist plan to make the utopic “Final End” a reality.

But just how exactly did Postmodern academics sell this advice…and how exactly has it affected the Millennial Generation?

Find out how below.

The Old 3 And The New 3

For the Postmodernist Academics to achieve their vaunted “Final End” of no human nature, they would not be able to actually get rid of human nature.  

Instead, they would achieve the “Final End” by rejecting key parts of human nature.

And in the same way that destroying one species throws the entire ecosystem out of balance, this scheme would disrupt the ecosystem of humanity for an entire generation…the Millennials.

Since the world was at perpetual peace and material plenty, the Postmodernists argued, the old values discovered by psychologist Jonathan Haidt were outdated. In the Postmodern scheme, these old values were:

  • Loyalty to self and community
  • Respect for Authority
  • Sanctity of the mind and body

These values had no room in “The Final End.” To the Postmodernists, mankind had evolved.

So starting in the 1990s, society began to stop teaching these “Old 3” pillars of Haidt’s Moral foundations. In their place was left a shell of morality that only taught the “New 3”:

  • No Harm to others
  • Fairness for all
  • Resistance to Oppression

Before that, Western Civilization–every Civilization!–taught all six.

But to the Postmodernists, the first three were all you needed in “The Final End.”

The Missing Puzzle Piece

This meant all you had to do was never Hurt anything, especially other people’s feelings.

You have to make sure everything has to be absolutely Fair and every outcome a guaranteed equal.

And of course, you can never let anybody tell you what to do, even if it’s good advice. If they do, it’s Oppression!

These three Moral Foundations were the beginning of all the bad advice you got as a kid

“Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve”

Well of course you should!

If you just show everyone you don’t want to Harm about them and just want to be accepted, they will take accept you and take Care of you!

“It Takes Courage To Be Vulnerable”

If you don’t tell everybody every little secret about yourself, it would be unfair to them because you would be Cheating them out of a wonderful emotional experience!

They would never Harm you! It wouldn’t be Fair!

“Share Your Feelings And

You’ll Be Loved and Accepted”

Well of course, everybody just wants to meet each other’s emotional needs and make each other happy!

They would never want to Hurt you!

“Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover”

Well of course you can’t…the old ways told you do it, and the old ways are Oppressive!

The new ways of No Harm and Nothing Unfair bring you total Liberty to do and be whatever you want!

“Sharing Is Caring”

It’s in the title!

Emotions, time, money…share everything to show everyone you don’t want to Hurt them.

And if you don’t you do this, you’re Cheating them out of an experience you owe them! You’re Harming them!

That’s not Fair!

“You Are Responsible For Other People’s Feelings”

If you don’t make other people happy, you are Cheating them out of the Happiness you owe them…you’re Harming them!

That’s not Fair!

“You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are…”

The old Oppressive ways want to change you to Hurt everyone and make life Unfair!

Stay true to the new ways of Fairness and No Harm, and life will have no problems!

“Acts Of Random Kindness Will Change The World”

Well of course they will!

You will be taking Care of people and making perfectly Fair for them, so they will love you and do the same for you! They would never dream of Hurting you or Cheating you!

World peace in our lifetime!

“Everyone Is Unique, Don’t Ever Try To Change!

But only if you live by the rules of No Harm, Nothing Unfair, and No Oppression only!

Add anything to those values…and you gotta change.


The Totalitarian 3

And therein lie the issue…if you don’t follow these ways, you will ruin the world and take it back to the Dark Ages.

Therefore, when you step out of line, you’ve got to get squashed like a bug.

Try to follow this twisted logic…

In the Postmodern World of “The Final End”, this new and improved morality had evolved because it was at odds with the old. Each new morality had its corresponding opposite:

  • No Harm vs. Loyalty
  • No Oppression vs. Authority
  • No Unfairness vs. Sanctity

If you are Loyal to yourself or your community, you are hurting other people’s and communities’ feelings. You’ve violated “No Harm.”

If someone or something has Authority, it is Oppressing someone or something else because it is higher. You’re violating “No Oppression.”

Sanctity values something higher and more special than something else, so it is inherently unfair. You’re violating “No Unfairness.”

Society killed Loyalty, Authority, and Sanctity by billing them as the flip side of “being a good person.”

Therefore, listen to the Postmodernists…because the “good” values of No Harm, No Oppression, and No Unfairness are Sacred,

That means these values have got moral Authority.

And that means that you had better be Loyal to them, otherwise you’re a monster, and you’ve got to be destroyed!

The Irony of the Machine

The pre-Hegelian system used all six moral foundations, balanced out.

The Postmodern “End of History” caused No Harm, No Unfairness, and No Oppression to be to be prioritized higher than the others.

This prioritization has led to abuse in the very moral foundations the Postmodernist seek to eliminate.

It’s ironic, really.

The pre-Hegelian balance of the moral foundations provided all of the Care, Fair, and Liberty benefits that the Postmodernists claim to champion through the “elimination” of all the rest.

And so, in seeking to perfect human nature to the “Final End”, the Postmodern Menace degraded it into a self-hating machine dictated by hypocrisy.

Want to see how this affects the daily lives of “The Final End’s” most sacred protected class? The class that sets the tone for all of society?  

Then read “New Series For Artists: Part 1” and discover how these ideas have poisoned Western Civilization’s art…and our very image we hold of ourselves.

And if you’d like to learn more about how the truth about human nature affects a Third World war zone, then check out Mind at War Chief Editor Richard Barrett’s book, “All Men Follow the Strongman: The Forgotten History of the Iraq War.

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