All Men Follow The Strongman

“Shock And Awe…” 

“WMDS…The Surge…”

You’ve Heard The Words…

Now You’ll Know 

The Story Behind Them! 

In Richard Barrett’s latest book, All Men Follow the Strongman: The Forgotten History of the Iraq War, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of Arab culture…

Including the Honor-Shame dynamics that regulates every word spoken and every bullet fired! 

Once you get the basics down, you’ll learn how the British and French Empires of the 19th Century cracked the code of Arab-Honor Shame Society…

And used it to beat the odds to bring stability all across the Middle East and North Africa!

The War Story

You Didn’t See On The News

Finally, you’ll come to the Iraq War, 2003-2009, and learn how Honor-Shame dynamics influenced the fortunes of freedom and tyranny…

And how the United States Army and Marines finally cracked the culture code to bring peace and freedom for a bright shining moment to the people of Iraq. 

It’s the Iraq War story you didn’t read on the front page or the congressional reports…as it was lived, by the fighting men and the locals on the ground. 

All Men Follow the Strongman: The Forgotten History of the Iraq War, takes you back in time to understand the news reports of today…

And chart a way forward for the future. 

It’s The Iraq War

Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

“All Men Follow The Strongman”

“The Forgotten History Of”

“The Iraq War”

Now available on Amazon in print and kindle. 

Click Here To Buy Now! 

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