The Forgotten History of World War I

“Greed. Futility. Tragedy.”

If These Are The Words You Think Of

When You Hear “WWI”…

You’re Dead Wrong. 

Everybody’s heard Hemingway’s “Lost Generation” WWI Story.

Now, you’ll hear the rest of it. 

The Only Easy And Accurate

Popular History Of WWI

In Richard Barrett’s ground-breaking book, The Forgotten History of World War I, you’ll learn about Germany’s plans for world domination, 20 years before Hitler…

Including Germany’s secret racial purity doctrine: “Kultar”…

And German dictator Kaiser Wilhelm II’s forgotten holocaust in Southwest Africa!

The War Story

You Didn’t Read In School

For the first time every, you’ll learn how a handful of Allied soldiers stemmed the tide to keep the Kaiser and his stormtroopers out of Western Europe! 

You’ll discover the secret history of how decades before, British Troops, French Foreign Legion, and American Marines beat “unwinnable” insurgencies time and time again to build global empires of democracy…

And how they used these same skills to beat the Germans in 100:1 odds!

The Difference Is In The Research

Based one extensive first-hand accounts, The Forgotten History of World War I takes you where no popular history has gone before analyzing the:

  • Secret Strategies…
  • Iconic Ideologies…
  • Tough Tactics…

For every fighting force on the Western Front

It’s the war story you didn’t read in school: a real-life legend of star-spangled heroes and mass-murdering monsters!

Saddle Up With The Allies…

Storm Flanders Field… 

And See WWI Like You’ve Never Seen It Before… 

The Forgotten History Of WWI:

From The Dark Ages To 1939

Buy now on in Print and Kindle!

Click Here To Buy!

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