Three Types of Heroines…Part 2!

Editor’s Note

Caroline Furlong is back for Mind at…this time, with the second installment of her great series, “How to Create Strong Female Leads”…

Without being a Feminazi  Commissar! 

If you don’t know Caroline or her work, check out the first installment of this series HERE

We’re glad to have her at Mind at, and we are proud to present the second part of her groundbreaking series…

Three Types of Heroine

A Closer Study Of What Makes A

Strong Female Protagonist

Part 2

By Caroline Furlong

Last week we reviewed the first type of strong female heroine…In order for an author to properly portray this kind of heroine, the writer’s female protagonist must have either lost or sacrificed some aspect of her femininity to enter combat.

Again, it must be stated that creating female leads of this kind is perfectly acceptable, future writers.

It only becomes undesirable when an author tries to shoe-horn a heroine from this class into the second category: that of the female warrior who is strengthened by her ties to a hero, whom she ennobles and strengthens through her devotion. 

In contrast to the prior class, characters in this division can form lasting, loving connections with a man. When this occurs not only are the women’s lovers made more heroic, but the female leads themselves become stronger.

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