Three Types of Heroines…Part 1!

Editor’s Note

We’ve got a brand new author for a brand new year…meet Caroline Furlong!

Carline is part of the Superversive Literary Movement. They’re a group of fantasy and science-fiction authors dedicated to promoting the Classical Judeo-Christian values of Western Civilization.

Stories have captivated me from early childhood,” Caroline says. “But without my family’s encouragement, that fascination might have foundered long ago.”

We’re glad she didn’t call it quits, because today she’s bringing us the first installment of a great new 3-part series called…

Three Types of Heroine

A Closer Study Of What Makes A

Strong Female Protagonist

Part 1

By Caroline Furlong

More than a few writers have felt the pressure to create over-the-top heroines who are better than the men they fight beside.

Whether or not this comes from fellow authors or academia, the fact is that the irrational demand is there, clamoring for attention.

If one hopes to create a genuine, interesting, and memorable heroine for their readers/viewers to enjoy, this matter must be addressed.

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