Three Types of Heroines…Part 3!

Editor’s Note

Caroline Furlong is back…this time bringing you the third and final installment in her groundbreaking fiction writing series “How to Create Strong Female Leads”…

Without being a Feminazi Commissar! 

If you haven’t read the first two installments of the series, you can read them HERE and HERE

See the final installment of Caroline’s groundbreaking series below…

Three Types of Heroine

A Closer Study Of What Makes A

Strong Female Protagonist

Part 3

By Caroline Furlong

Going back to the articles posted during the last two weeks, it is possible to see that the heroines we have reviewed each have some degree of emotional independence and resilience. 

Heroines who have lost/sacrificed a feature of their femininity absolutely need to be self-reliant in order to enter and excel in their combat careers.

In the case of the heroine who is ennobled and strengthened by the man she loves at the same time he is ennobled and strengthened by her, she may already be emotionally self-sufficient.

By this roundabout method, we come to the final category of female lead, The Passive Heroine. Before we discuss viable models of this heroine type, the term “Passive” must be clarified…

Click HERE to read the full article.

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